Effective 1/1/2023 refills will only be done either through the patient portal or calling your pharmacy. Please be sure you have an active patient portal for your refills.

12/1/2021-We are giving the Covid-19 Moderna vaccine for children 6 months & up and also have Covid-19 Moderna booster vaccine available at our office-call to make an appointment.

Revised Covid-19 Practice Information (August 2022)

MASKS are REQUIRED for all entrants aged 2 years and older in all areas of the office at all times… even when the doctor is not in the exam room with you.

The waiting room is open, but please call the office (ext. #4) from your car to let us know when you have arrived for your appointment.

Patients with appointments for communicable, infectious illnesses are directed to enter through the side door on the left side of the building.

Well visits/physicals and non-urgent appointments are rescheduled if a patient has any Covid-19 symptoms. Your child may be seen for a sick visit that day, but we need to know in advance, so we can direct you to enter through the proper entrance per above.

Refer to the Erie County DOH website for information about the latest isolation recommendations. (Note that the new, less strict guidelines may not apply to a patient who cannot mask because of their age (<2 years) nor to patients who cannot consistently/reliably wear a KN95 [or better] mask.)


The American Academy of Pediatrics and all our doctors recommend Covid-19 vaccinations and updated boosters for all children aged 6-months and older. You may call us to book an appointment for the vaccine.

CARDIAC CLEARANCE after Covid-19 Infection
Your child needs a cardiac clearance exam for sports participation after infection with Covid-19 if they meet any of the criteria below:

  • ≥12 years of age and engaged in varsity sports or high intensity/highly competitive sports (regardless of symptom severity)
  • For children ≥5 years of age(including non-athletes ≥12years)
    • they had Covid-19 illness with any of the following:
      • fever (≥ 100.4) for 4 days (96 hours) or more
      • chills, severe muscle aches, or severe fatigue for ≥7 days?
      • chest pain or shortness of breath
      • hospitalization
    • since the Covid infection:
      • they passed out or felt as if they were going to pass out
      • they mentioned anything strange about their heart beats
    • they have a cardiac condition that requires periodic follow up with a cardiologist

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