12/1/2021-We are giving the Covid-19 Pfizer vaccine for children 5 years & up and also have Covid-19 Pfizer booster vaccine available at our office-call to make an appointment.

We are now booking flu shot appointments-you can call our office today to book your child’s appointment!

For symptomatic Return to school/PCR Testing- go to link below-a Doctor script is not necessary for this site

Revised Covid-19 Information 7/2021

Revised Practice Updates
Covid-19 Pandemic safety protocols remain in place but have been scaled back to reflect the progress on combating the virus within the community thanks to widespread vaccinations.

All persons 2 years and up who enter the office must wear a face mask, regardless of vaccination status.

The waiting room is open, but patients should call first before entering.

Patients will continue to socially distance while inside.

Entry is limited to essential guests only.

Sick patients are using a separate entrance and are not congregating in the waiting room.

Non-urgent appointments are rescheduled if Covid-19 symptoms are present among the patient's household members.

Extended hours to 5pm will resume in September 2021.
General Covid-19 Information
**We are following the American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines (12/2020) to conduct in office cardiac screening for all children 5 years and older to determine risk of carditis and clearance to resume exercise/gym/sports.

We are vaccinating eligible aged patients for Covid-19 within the office.

Until vaccinated, continue to mask, social distance, and wash your hands frequently.

Do not send your child to daycare, camp, team sports nor school when ill nor if s/he has had close contact with someone who has or is under investigation for Covid-19. Proof of a negative test is required for us to write a note to return to above.

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